Competitor Analysis

Competitive insights to win your market

Actionable competitive insights empower brands to outrank and outperform the competition to drive more revenue.

Competitor brand tracking.

Automatically identify and track the competition so you can gain insight into how they stack up to your brand offering.

You can also track their performance over time, and see what their customers think about their experiences. This will allow you to build strategies to retain current customers, and acquire new ones.

Competitor tracking allows you to pick up on your competitions flaws and create a better service or product that will appeal to customers already in your market.

Outrank the competition and drive more revenue.

Gain insight into the competitive landscape and visualise location performance across average rating and total amount of reviews.

You will also be able to see the competitions review velocity and online rank to help your brand build strategies to surpass them in local search results, improving brand visibility.

You vs The world

The competitions review data is automatically categorised, delivering insights into areas that they excel in as well as areas they are lacking.

You can then compare this to your own insights and data empowering you to take on competitors of any size by creating more desirable customer experiences.

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