Check Out Our Full Suite Of Features

Total Reviews comes equipped with an array of tools that will ensure your online reputation is completely covered from A-Z. To find out more about what each tool can provide, simply click on the desired tile below, or schedule a demo and enjoy a tailored guide through the entire platform.

Ask Tool

Request reviews to improve your online presence. Includes the 'Ask Performance' tool so you can monitor how well customers respond to your requests.

Competitor Reports

Beat the competition with the 'Competitor Reporting and Brand Tracking' tool. This tool automatically finds the location of brands you compete against, so you can track their performance and compare it to your own.

Ratings and Reviews

Receive a birds-eye view of your reviews from multiple sources. Use filters to break down desired information such as, negative/positive keywords, star rating and much more.

Smart & Auto Response

Respond to Google and Facebook reviews within the platform utilising our 'Smart Response System', or take it to the next level with our A.I and utilise the 'Auto Response Tool'.

Local Listings Tool

Manage your local listings alongside your business reputation to drive new business interactions, create memorable experiences, and build loyalty.

Immediate Keyword Alerts

Effortlessly monitor business campaigns and operations to create experiences that drive loyalty. Identify the keywords that will drive impact for your brand and receive immediate email alerts to action customer feedback.

Optional Managed Services

Let the experts handle the day-to-day care of your brands online reviews and deliver full scale reporting and insights. We include full service review response using on-brand templates to ensure customer satisfaction while driving brand loyalty.

Trending Topics Tool

Analyse customer sentiment from the local, regional, and brand level, unlocking opportunities to improve operations and increase revenue.


Tag reviews to organise, search, and filter online feedback. Detect trends in both positive and negative reviews and easily find desired information through keywords, star rating plus much more.

Experience Analysis

A powerful A.I. driven keyword categorisation tool to help brands make informed operational changes to drive more revenue

Review Change Tracking

Use this tool to gather insights into how your brand reviews change over time or after launching new products/services.

Review Alerts

Receive instant review alerts and gain immediate insight into new and updated reviews to ensure adequate response time.